Management Consulting

Business strategy and process are foundational to the successful operation of a healthy organization. Technology is a catalyst and an accelerator, but strategy is what sets the direction that technology and other tools will follow. Mellott & Associates provides a wide range of management consulting solutions to help you thrive in today’s ever-changing market. From business analysis to strategy development and enterprise architecture to financial management, our capabilities are carefully tailored around your organization’s needs.

Business Analysis and Process Re-Engineering

At Mellott we work with you to identify your most critical business processes and then automate or streamline them as needed to help meet your operational and strategic goals, such as improving quality, driving productivity, and reducing costs. Our Business Analysts (BAs) and Business Process Engineers (BPEs) are industry-proven, certified consultants with hands-on experience supporting various federal, state, local, and commercial programs and projects. They collaborate with your stakeholders to quickly identify process inefficiencies and provide recommendations to refine or revamp them to better align with your strategic objectives.

Enterprise Architecture

Your organization’s core enterprise architecture is the blueprint for delivering on your strategic objectives and is an always-moving target that needs to be flexible to account for growth, change, and scale. Mellott can help you navigate this challenging landscape and establish a roadmap to deliver an enterprise architecture that aligns tightly with your current and future-state organizational needs. We have the deep expertise and track record to tailor the correct blend of on-premises and cloud technologies across your data center and network and lay out the optimal path to implement your vision. Our vendor-agnostic approach makes us the ideal partner to advise you on the optimal architecture to deliver maximum value and optimal ROI.

Organizational Readiness

Transformation can be an exciting time for an organization. However, concerns about changes in their roles and job security can also make it extremely challenging and stressful for many employees. Mellot has developed a multi-faceted and communications-driven methodology that has been proven to consistently deliver successful change and transformation initiatives with our clients. Our approach identifies the root causes of potential resistance so that they can be addressed head-on early in the process. We work with you to deliver the optimal combination of communication, training, and phased rollout that ensures that your employees are fully bought-in to what is happening and why, optimizing the smooth and successful rollout of your initiative.

Communication and Outreach Support

Effective internal and external communication, or the lack thereof, can mean the difference between success and failure for key initiatives. Mellott has defined an approach for clear and concise communications that identifies all key stakeholders and speaks to their specific issues about how the initiative will impact them. Our communications are structured so that they can be dispersed across all levels of your organization, from the executive tier down to resources that are out in the field. For event-driven communications, we can plan and coordinate all your program’s outreach activities, including meeting and conference logistical support, formal publications, and post-event follow-ups.

Financial Management

Mellott financial analysts can support your organization in several ways. We can provide Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and executive leadership with strategic advice to improve controls, leverage industry best practices, and maintain regulatory compliance, and our accounting professionals can find effective ways to optimize your payment processes.

We gather and interpret information and then deliver results to improve your corporation or agency’s balance sheets. Our innovative solutions in strategy, operations, analytics, performance management, and reporting enable us to give your finance leadership the insights they need.