Cloud & Infrastructure

End-to-end cloud and infrastructure operations require a multidisciplinary approach that relies on a wide array of skillsets to achieve organizational IT goals. As technology becomes increasingly complex, organizations are struggling to recruit and retain highly skilled experts trained in their specific technologies. Whether it is supporting enterprise-wide cloud and/or on-premises infrastructures or focusing on performance optimization in a specific layer of your technology stack, Mellott & Associates has highly skilled and diversely trained professionals to deliver project success.

Cloud Operations

Cloud operations can unlock savings for your organization and increase the agility and scalability of operations. Mellott & Associates has the people and experience to support your organization to operate its existing cloud infrastructure, or plan and execute the migration of on-premises operations to the cloud. We have supported enterprise-level cloud operations and migrations to include domain, email, and security services, as well as application-level modernization via adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms or migration to a cloud-hosted platform. As a Red Hat business partner, we can help optimize your cloud operations through automation and orchestration using the Red Hat OpenShift platform.

Infrastructure Operations

Mellott & Associates can deliver end-to-end system design, implementation, and operation services to achieve the performance demands of today’s technology-driven world. Whether it is designing complex storage systems or high throughput middleware infrastructures, our team has successfully delivered such solutions across both the DoD and Civilian spaces.

  • Systems Engineering
    Our team of system administrators are experienced in the design, configuration, and operation of both Linux and Windows Operating Systems and will monitor, manage, and maintain your servers through day-to-day operations, operating system upgrades, security patching, and performance tuning.

  • Network Engineering
    Our team of network engineers are experienced in designing new networks, modernizing existing networks, and enhancing performance in problem networks. Mellott & Associates’s network professionals have experience across network technology platforms and hold industry-recognized certifications.

  • Database Management
    Our DBA teams are skilled in data architecture, building and designing databases, and data access and security best practices. We also perform day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of database health through proactive diagnostics and performance tuning.